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Outsourced Accounting Services

Why hire a jumble of CPA’s, bookkeepers, and techies or even worse go to multiple vendors to support those workstreams when you can just use one vendor and increase your annual margins by as much as 5% by outsourcing those workflows to Ayudatek?

You probably don’t do your own payroll, nor do you expect your staff to do janitorial work, so why do your own accounting and IT operations? You are not in that business.

The truth is that you are in the business of your “Real” business. You don't have the capital to squander money on back-office operations and software support, but Ayudatek is in the business of back-office operations and software support, so hire us!

We are better at it, and it will costs your company less if we do this important work than if you do it.

Accounting firms have big limitations on what they can do for you and IT consulting firms have very narrow lanes on their capabilities, we have both skill sets on our team, they work together, and you get a much better result.

We fit the needs of growing companies or companies who just need ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies.

Every client has different needs so please contact us and we can put together a plan for you.

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We provide services that help our clients drive profitability and automate workflows by putting data to work and leveraging the software & process that companies already own.

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