Ayudatek LLC

The traditional consulting model works great for consultants but not so much for clients! We transformed it to better match client needs!

We provide: Help desk / outsourced managed services, recruiting and implementation services for well known: ERP, EPM, BI, manufacturing, compliance, and data base software products.

Most consulting firms provide a limited variation of implementation services, but that is often a far too myopic offering for your real needs.

Ayudatek instead makes available a comprehensive offering to match your specific needs and then adapts that offering as your requirements mature. Our experience can anticipate your use cases for software will evolve, as well as the staff needed to run it, so we keep up with both while helping you expand margins and apply resources that expand your real business, not your IT budget!

Our offering is broader because running: Financial, operational, reporting, manufacturing, compliance, and data base software products requires a range of needs. A consulting firm limited to implementations cannot provide this.

We operate with a USA based team, yet our pricing is comparable off shore options, so why suffer? Cheap has no value if it does not work, it only means you are wasting money slower! Our managed services pricing is generally 40% less than trying to hire, train and maintain you own qualified Hybrid Techno. / Financial staff.

Most companies have figured out that having their own systems staff is not affordable, our model applies the experts you need at an affordable rate.

If you do need to hire staff, we provide high quality permanent recruiting services.

However, as part of your cost / benefit process, consider our outsourced accounting, finance, business intelligence and analytics staff as a service.

You may be pleasantly surprised how much can be accomplished, for far less in cost because we inject automation, best practices and highly skilled people into the process.

Adding separate consulting firms for every workstream or software product is a complicated and waste time because integrating them with your team is expensive and time consuming.

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