Ayudatek provides help desk and managed services support for over 80 ERP, EPM, BI, Manufacturing, Tax and Data Base products.

Our difference is both compelling and simple: We operate with a FINRA certified and 100% USA based team at a price point that is lower than offshore options and 40% less expensive than trying to maintain qualified systems staff.


Why use Ayudatek to implement & maintain Workiva?

Ayudatek is the safest and best implementation / systems integrator and managed services partner for Wdata and Wdesk because of its deep understanding of the most used: ERP, EPM, BI and database feeder systems to Wdata & Wdesk.  We currently cover 80+ of these systems within our client base.

No other Workiva partner has this depth of important knowledge to make your Workiva environment truly connected and to automate wasteful costs out of your processes.

To have a successful project, it is imperative that your consulting firm has a strong background in data, integration, reporting and managed services so you can be successful.

We started over 20 years ago first as consultants focused on ERP, EPM and reporting implementations at some of the best know global companies.  We then grew our managed services offering because our clients realized that it is just too expensive and not part of their core mission to try to maintain qualified technical staff.  Maintaining systems staff is just too expensive for most companies!  We cover most of the major ERP, EPM, reporting and database tools, at a price point that is:

        ✓  Lower than offshore options.

        ✓  40% less than maintaining staff & required consulting.

We use a USA only, FINRA certified team to provide this service so company leaders can focus on growing the business, not being distracted by janitorial systems challenges that drain resources and reduce their ability to achieve goals.

For a free consultation please contact Jim Burke

email: jburke@ayudatek.com or call [609]-750-8887