Ayudatek LLC

The reason clients trust Ayudatek with their business is simple: 

  1. We operate with an experienced USA based team, so the service is exceptional, yet we deliver at a price point that is lower than offshore options.
  2. For Managed Services our fees are approximately 40% less than trying to hire and maintain your own qualified hybrid techno. / financial staff. 
  3. Our model optimizes EBIDTA, and available capital for core business goals, instead of back-office processes that do not fuel customer success, product improvement nor sales. 

 Ayudatek provides: Help desk / outsourced managed services, recruiting and Implementation services for many: ERP, EPM, BI, manufacturing, compliance, and data base software products.

We also provide high quality permanent or outsourced accounting, finance, business intelligence and analytics staff as a service. 

 Featured Products:

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