Ayudatek LLC

We provide services that help our clients drive profitability and automate workflows by putting data to work and leveraging the software & process that companies already own.

We do our best to provide service on a fixed fee basis because we understand Clients need the assurance of knowing what a solution really costs, not just a billing rate.

Our offering is broader because running: Financial, ESG / sustainability, operational, compliance, manufacturing, and analytics / data base software products requires a range of skills to cover multiple products.

We operate with a North American based team, yet our pricing is comparable to off shore options, because we leverage automation instead of labor.

Our project costs are generally 30% lower than our competition because we leverage automation to speed the delivery process.

Our managed services pricing is generally 40% less than trying to hire, train and maintain you own qualified North American based Hybrid Techno. / Financial staff.

Many companies have determined that that having their own systems staff is not affordable, our model applies the experts you need at an affordable rate.

However, just as many clients need to hire permanent staff, so we provide high quality permanent recruiting services and have been doing so for over 20 years.

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