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Financial Systems Skill Sets

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Finding and retaining Financial Systems Skillsets is an exceedingly difficult task for most managers and especially for talent acquisition teams, so we get called upon to help.

Most talent and finance teams run into these four road blocks that Ayudatek has solved every day since 2002:

1.  The talent team at your company has little experience finding these unique and rare people. It starts with the vocabulary; most talent and finance team members do not speak the techno/financial language to even qualify candidates.  

The validation process we developed means that you will only interview people who fit VS people who look like they fit.  

2.  Financial systems people are not even looking for jobs. They will likely not see your job posting on your website nor on a job board. It takes a “Headhunter” to find these people and convince these folks to consider changing jobs.  

We help you craft the offering you have so that its attractive to these skill sets. They already have a good health plan and free coffee!

There must be a compelling story that includes their career growth, and interesting work.  

These are among the smartest people a company will ever hire, so they need to be intellectually challenged or they will not work at your company.  

3.  You don’t “Know” anywhere near as many folks with these specific skills as we do. We have them mapped in N. America and have been doing it since the late 90’s. Our network is national.  

4.  You need this workstream covered NOW because the Close, reporting, analytic and budgeting cycles happen every day, not just once a month.  

Concurrent to the search, Ayudatek can cover these workflows with consultants, so you don’t fall behind.

We have specific salary surveys, by skill, by city, in North America, so that you can decide between a full-time staff member or a managed service. Ayudatek can cover you with both.

Compensation for these folks has nothing to do with “Internal Equity” and “Banding” and “Budgets.” They make as much as directors and VP’s with no staff reporting to them. The market price determines the path so we can supply you with the information you need to make a decision.

Trying to train and then maintain a less expensive resource is at best a less than one-year option. Skilled people will quicky learn the market pricing for their skills and exit your company.

There are very few of these people in N. America, so they are far more in control of compensation than the bosses that hire them.

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