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Instant ESG - ESG Sustainability

We have a six-point solution that cuts the cost of ESG reporting by HALF and provides an accelerated delivery of value that has an immediate impact.

The savings we can help with align to:

  • Evidence based reporting that defends against Greenwashing accusations – this eliminates anxiety, ambiguity and quells challenges quickly and efficiently.

  • Integrating ESG into the budgeting / planning process so that ESG aspirations come true, on time and on budget.

  • Maximizing the Biden 2022 IRA. There is $369 Billion out there in tax breaks but you can only claim your share if you can see it. Excel & Email cannot support this.

  • Cutting Audit fees, never a fun way to spend money!

  • Enhancing behaviors that drive ESG scores higher, with relevant reporting.

  • Helping you monetize your ESG achievements, so you can build your brand and attract customers and investors.

We do our best to “Recycle” the systems you have in place. We also do most of this work on a Fixed- Fee basis and deliver with a US based team.   To learn more about how we can make a measurable difference contact us.

The critical part of the ESG value chain we are best at:

Our InstantESG solution gets all the relevant data integrated from across the enterprise and placed into a: Centralized, controlled, trusted, and automatically updated cube-based reporting repository.

We then deliver curated & calculated data to all the stakeholders and required destinations in formats that match both their needs and ability to consume that data.

We leverage input from experts and software from trusted vendors to build an efficient solution that stands up to both the test of time and affordability.

The consumers of the data within the repository we create are numerous and varied. Examples are your: Public facing ESG report, regulatory agencies, rating agencies and internal stakeholders.

It is not an exaggeration that far more people will make decisions about your company and doing business with you based on your ESG / Sustainability reporting instead of your annual report.

Our part in the ESG value chain is crucial to: Cutting delivery costs, reflecting how you are perceived and how you are able to articulate that you should be trusted by: Customers, investors, the community, your employees, and regulatory agencies.

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We provide services that help our clients drive profitability and automate workflows by putting data to work and leveraging the software & process that companies already own.

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