Ayudatek Wdata, Connector, Chains, Table, Query… Operations Health Check

This offering is for clients who seek to optimize their Workiva investment by: Maximizing the power of Wdata, eliminating manual steps, cutting costs, and getting their arms around data control for SOX.

Ayudatek can help you maximize your Workiva investment by:

  1. Reviewing your Connectors, Chains, Tables, and queries to make sure they are optimized.
  2. Collaborating with you to determine if there any spreadsheet-based reporting process can be connected to Workiva to increase efficiency?
  3. Measuring the time and cost associated with the systems administration of Workiva and providing you with Outsourcing options.
  4. Measuring if there are steps in place to ensure that reconciliations are as SOX optimized and automated as they could be to support cost reduction and best practices.

If you want to understand more about our service offering, please contact us at http://www.answer-factory.com or call us at 609 750 8887

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