Why use Ayudatek to implement & maintain Workiva?

Ayudatek partnered with Workiva to better help clients expedite, connect, and govern reporting with a single verifiable and automated source of truth.

With Workiva, Users are no-longer dependent on spreadsheet books that: Invite errors, cost far too much in terms of time & resources, destroy professional reputations, and cannot provide an acceptable audit path.

The Workiva system automates critical business processes like:  Board reporting, 10-Q, 10-K, 8-K, S-1, and other SEC filings, iXBRL tagging, investor relations, management reporting and many more.

Workiva works by automatically synchronizing the data across platforms, so the most dangerous and janitorial parts of this important work are eliminated.


Ayudatek leverages both Wdata and Wdesk to provide a transparent process automation, full verifiable audit trail, instantaneous updates to financial footnotes plus management reporting, and regulatory reporting.

By synchronizing data across the platforms, users can operate a complete cloud-based solution that shortens the consolidation, close and reporting process.  

Replacing spreadsheets with a secure, controlled, and transparent environment for consolidations mitigates internal control risks associated with spreadsheets.

Workiva’s Integrated reporting propagates changes to all corresponding locations in your documents + management reporting decks so you never have to worry about missing any data update or making unforced errors.

With Workiva you will:

  • ✓  Never again have to endure another frantic, stressful and career threating update to your:  Board reporting, 10-Q,10-K,  S-1 , 8-K, proxy, and other SEC filings, iXBRLTM tagging, earnings and investor relations reporting.
  • ✓  Never again be ashamed or damage your professional reputation because you could not verify, validate, and defend a number instantly.
  • ✓  Tame the financial reporting process once and for all!

Managed Services/Help Desk/Monthly Support for Workiva from Ayudatek

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