Why Consulting Firms Subcontract Us and Win Cloud Deals With Us

Recurring revenue and account retention:

Great consulting firms are typically experts on just a few products. They need to be laser focused to be the experts that they are.   They also need to earn recurring revenue and maintain a presence in their account base, so they do not get replaced.   This is impossible for them to balance alone, so Ayudatek exists to meet that need. We are the “partner to the partner”.  

By layering Ayudatek into every account, you can maintain account possession and earn revenue on a recurring basis for as long as the account exists.   You no longer need to create work for yourself or chase the whims of software vendors.   You can always do the right thing for your clients, which is how to keep your clients in the first place!   The Ayudatek team will support the software products you cannot on your behalf as your sub. Our integrated ticketing system forwards those tasks you command to you and we do the rest on your behalf in a seamless workflow that delights clients and grows recurring revenue. In our model, the account belongs to you and we are the sub. You set the pricing, you maintain the client relationship – we just keep you in the account earning recurring revenue with excellent service.

Win More Cloud Migration and New Software Implementations:

With Ayudatek, you can cut project costs by almost half yet earn a higher margin than you otherwise would.

The old model of sitting staff at a client and billing away to do implementations, upgrades, and cloud migrations is dying. The internet, the effectiveness of specific software tools & remote teams means you need to change your model to survive. If you have already deployed Ayudatek into your account base, you have already cut your project costs by about half and yet earn a greater margin on the entire project.   This is accomplished by leveraging the Ayudatek team’s delivery value as well as using specific software utilities that cut costs because they save on labor costs.  

If you have yet to deploy Ayudatek you can team up with us and still undercut your competition while earning higher margins and providing service to your clients at an exceptional price point.    

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