Why Companies Should Trust Us?

  • We operate with a 100% USA based, FINRA certified team so the quality is exceptional, and our team is very experienced.

    Our price point is LOWER than offshore options and 40% less than a full time equivalent. 

    We complete tasks 4x faster than off-shore options. Off-shore looks cheap based on the rate but in truth is more expensive!   A common practice of off-shore companies is to just run up the hours billed to fill teaser pricing gaps that are meant to trick customers.  Keep in mind that a cheap resource will have to bill lots of hours to deliver work, that comes to an extremely high cost to customers.  The other consideration is the wait time of your many users. That has a major cost and productivity impact that off-shore vendors hope you do not discover until the contract is signed. Their low rate is meant to fool you.   

    We eliminate friction and the “Blame Game” of finger pointing because we have the cross-functional skills sets that are needed to fix adjacent and feeder software products with no disruption. With Ayudatek it just gets fixed.

    We can get you “To the Cloud” at a cost and stress level that is about half of what traditional consulting firms charge because we offer Hybrid Fixed Fee Implementations.   By applying a limited number of onsite consultants and wrapping the process in a managed service, this work can be done for a lot less money and with a lot less stress.

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