Why Companies Should Trust Us?

  • Our 70+ USA-based employees are under one roof, so we have instant communication and the depth to support the complicated ecosystem of ERPs, Databases, reporting products and performance mgmt. applications that you depend on.

    We eliminate friction and the “Blame Game” of finger pointing because we have the cross-functional skills sets that are needed to fix adjacent and feeder software products with no disruption. With Ayudatek it just gets fixed.

    We ONLY use USA-based employees. No subs, freelancers or off-shore talent yet we are still able to deliver at a price point that is lower than off-shore options and 40% less than an FTE.

    We complete tasks 4x faster than off-shore options. Off-shore looks cheap but is more expensive, based on running up hours billed, so do not be fooled. The wait time of your many users has a major cost and productivity impact that off-shore vendors hope you do not discover until they trap you with a long-term contract.

    We can sign and comply with a FINRA. This will satisfy both your auditors and the SEC. Only USA staffed & owned companies can do this. Our staff are not allowed to trade our client’s stocks. This is crucial because any firm that supports financial systems may also have access to pre-release  financial information. Other parts of the world are often not as strict when it comes to insider trading enforcement or rules. With Ayudatek you avoid both SEC issues and scandal.

    We can get you “To the Cloud” at a cost and stress level that is about half of what traditional consulting firms charge because we offer Hybrid Fixed Fee Implementations℠.   By applying a limited number of onsite consultants and wrapping the process in a managed service, this work can be done at about half the price and with a lot less stress because we can take our time and do it right.

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