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Every systems administrator and consultant is in terror of causing a systems failure based on making even the smallest enhancement or modification because of their Oracle systems.  This is because they do not have an inventory map of the system, nor a rational path to accounting for dependencies.     


Villani Analytics eliminates this problem by automatically providing: 

  1. 1. A complete inventory of your Oracle instance.
  2. 2. An identification map of all dependencies. 
  3. 3. Recommendations and execution scripts for test cases.
  4. 4. Scheduled security matrix cycles.

“Not using Villani Analytics with our Oracle stack would be as crazy is riding a motorcycle at a high rate of speed in a burning forest while blindfolded, and with no helmet!”  Use Villani Analytics so you can protect yourself and not get burned.


Automates all reconciliations with no coding.  Leverages the Workiva platform to cut the periodic close cycle by up to 25%.  Liberates financial and operational staff to focus on analytics instead of janitorial tasks.  UniversalRecon | Answer Factory (



Creates analytic cubes by using existing ERP, BI and cube based repositories with no ETL nor metadata process.  It even writes MDX code automatically that can then be used in most major BI tools so that analytic applications can be created in days instead months at a compelling price point.   Quick App | Answer Factory (



Automates and cuts the cost of implementations and upgrades to applications by up to 37%, with one simple utility.  AppScaffold | Answer Factory (

Sox in a Box


Renders sample-based audits of application systems both obsolete and dangerous.  Compares every line of metadata for changes and reconciles those changes to your program change systems for authorization.  Sox in a Box | Answer Factory (

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