Products We Support

System support most commonly involves a broad range of software applications that are needed for specific workstreams.  They essentially comprise an eco-system of applications, that need to work in harmony.  For this to work, the assigned support personnel need to be cross trained and experts at more than one product.

The problem with other firms is that they handle a too few products, to be effective.  They lack the experience and skills to support corresponding feeder systems.  So, they cannot be a good fit for you because of their limitations. 

Too many consulting firms “Moonlight” in providing managed services for one or two specific products, often as an extension of an implementation project. This model does not work because they are unable to apply the same team of people to support your account. Their business model is limited to assigning one person, and when that person quits, you are in trouble; or they apply staff that are randomly not booked on other projects, so they really do not know your account or apps. 

Our service ranges from augmenting your existing techno / financial software administrators so they can be free of the janitorial side of systems work, all the way to and including outsourcing the entire systems administration process. It is all based on what your specific situation and needs require.

We charge the same fair hourly rate regardless of the products you ask us to support.   We do not believe in abusive pricing models that have different rates for different skills sets – we cannot imagine why anybody would sign up for that sort of abuse!

Examples of the core services we provide. Each services engagement is customized for each client.

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