Products We Support

System support usually involves a broad eco-system of applications and requires support personnel to be experts at more than one product. Too many managed services vendors only cover managed services as a side business to their real business, which is billable consulting hours.

We are not nor do we ever want to be a consulting company! So, we are structured around your need to acquire experts who can harmonize your complex software infrastructure – not sell you consulting you do not need or want. We are not a replacement for consultants – they are needed at times, but not forever.

Our service ranges from augmenting your existing techno / financial software administrators so they can be free of the janitorial side of systems work, all the way to and including outsourcing the entire systems administration process. It’s all based on what your particular situation is.

We charge the same fair hourly rate regardless of the products you ask us to support.   We do not believe in abusive pricing models that have different rates for different skills sets – we do not know why anybody would sign up for that!


Examples of the core services we provide. Each services engagement is customized for each client.

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