Productivity Tools for Everyone


UniversalRecon – Automates all reconciliations between applications, systems, databases, with no coding and a 4-day implementation.  Automates intercompany, FX, bank statements, HR, supply chain, inventory, and treasury reconciliations instantly.

QuickApp – Renovates the reporting and cube based tools you already own to work the way you want them to, which leverages your past investment, provides one version of the truth, and cuts reporting costs by a factor.  Makes reporting from multiple systems easy with NO ETL and NO CODING.

AppScaffold – Cuts implementation and upgrade costs by up to 37% by automating the metadata build and the recon. between the old and new systems.

SOX in a BOX – Renders manual and semi-automated software audits incomplete, dangerous and too expensive.   We automated this process from reporting down to the specific authorization documentation for moving systems changes into production.

Consolidation Accelerator – Gets cloud base consolidation tools like FCCS to run a lot faster.


GTTAutomation – Eliminates wasteful repetitive steps in any financial or operational process by up to 80% in 30 days.

InstaAppBase – Creates applications without ever writing a line of code for both the application and the database.  We take the suffering out of software development!

GTTMobility – Tax, immigration, and expense processing for 9X less than the competition.

GTTAutomation for Professional Services and Software Companies – We automate process from the timesheet to the invoice by 80% so you stop funding non-growth activities.

GTT for Software Companies – Slash the cost of application development.

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