Productivity Tools for Everyone


UniversalRecon – Automates all reconciliations between applications, systems, databases, with no coding and a 4-day implementation.  Automates intercompany, FX, bank statements, HR, supply chain, inventory, and treasury reconciliations instantly.

QuickApp – Cuts implementation and upgrade costs by up to 37% by automating the metadata build and the recon. between the old and new systems.

Analytic Accelerator – Makes reporting from multiple systems easy with NO ETL and NO CODING.  It makes the common – and risky – function of exporting data to spreadsheets then copying in other data obsolete.  Analytic Accelerator creates automated MDX code that can be re-used to keep costs down and speed the delivery of reporting to users.

SOX in a BOX – Renders manual and semi-automated software audits incomplete, dangerous and too expensive.   We automated this process from reporting down to the specific authorization documentation for moving systems changes into production.

Consolidation Accelerator – Gets cloud base consolidation tools like FCCS to run a lot faster.


GTTAutomation – Eliminates wasteful repetitive steps in any financial or operational process by up to 80% in 30 days.

InstaAppBase – Creates applications without ever writing a line of code for both the application and the database.  We take the suffering out of software development!

GTTMobility – Tax, immigration, and expense processing for 9X less than the competition.

GTTAutomation for Professional Services and Software Companies – We automate process from the timesheet to the invoice by 80% so you stop funding non-growth activities.

GTT for Software Companies – Slash the cost of application development.

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