Oracle Cloud Upgrade Readiness Program

Oracle 11.2.x

Upgrade Readiness Program

“Not ready for the Cloud, then proactive management of your on-premise environments will be key to stabilize your system.”

Many of our customers have had concerns that they may be struggling with the management of their

existing Hyperion environments. They have benefited greatly from our “Infrastructure Readiness” program which allows you to stay current on the latest Oracle-Hyperion release.

We will guide you thru the process

, establish an environment roadmap and strategy well in advance of the actual upgrade, and identify early any complexities. Several variables can affect the timeline of an upgrade, so it is critical to identify a cutover strategy to minimize business interruptions and critical financial cycles.

Our dedicated Hyperion upgrade team has over 22+ years of technical, functional and application experience solving many of today’s complex deployments ensuring that your environment will feature the latest functionality and features.


The support timeline for Hyperion EPM versions is as follows:

How it Works:
  • A pre-scheduled workshop takes place with your technical resources to discuss any immediate issues or concerns.
  • We physically look at your Hyperion servers to review current configuration settings, log files, etc.
  • We review your existing documentation and establish feedback where necessary.
  • We finish up by compiling a report listing all the servers in scope our observations and recommendations for each one if necessary.
  • You then decide how you wish to address the recommendations going forward by either implementing them yourself or allowing us to assist you further depending on complexity and risk.
For a free consultation please contact Jim Burke

email: or call [609]-750-8887


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