We cover OneStream support three separate ways:

1. Recruiting services to deliver permanent staff in N. America.
2. As a full Managed Service which costs 40% less than hiring staff. Our significant difference is that our service is delivered with a USA only OneStream team, never with offshore staff.
3. As a hybrid, we cover the technical part of OneStream as a Managed Service and can provide you with traditional permanent financial staff. (Only about 20% of the month is spent on OneStream tasks, the other 80% is accounting focused so this option is very popular.)

Our relationships in the OneStream partner system allow us to pass volume-based pricing on very qualified people to your company.
Common requirements clients have in terms of their Managed services needs that we cover.

We are also very focused on OneStream enhancements, especially dashboards, which makes all the hard work finance people do far more consumable to business people than “Excel Looking” reporting can ever be. “Excel Looking” reporting forces users to look for what is wrong VS showing what specifically needs attention. Tabular reporting is obsolete in today’s business world. The most important users are business people, not accountants and in a “Instagram” world, few people understand reporting that is presented in an Excel based format.

The good news is that OneStream has great reporting, and we are experts at making all the challenging work financial staff put into reporting to be consumable by users. “The goal is to drive margins higher not to force business users to learn Excel.”

We are also experts at: Hyperion / Workiva / NetSuite / Microsoft and Odoo

For more information and a free quote, please contact:
Jim Burke
609 750 8887 |

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