On Demand Business Intelligence as a Service

Business intelligence and analytics: Drive margins, encourage behaviors, make problems visible, before they hurt customer relationships and control costs.

Spreadsheet based reporting cannot do this, in fact spreadsheet-based reporting is not even consumable nor understood by most staff, so the finance team works hard to create reports that nobody can even read! Reporting needs to be tailored to each function and understood at a glance.

Sadly, business intelligence and analytic teams are often too expensive for most companies to afford. Complicating this vexing problem is the never-ending evolution in reporting products and challenges associated with data integration. These add to the cost basis, and it quickly becomes overwhelming.

We solved that problem by providing a service to outsource this entire process with better results, and cost reduction.

We operate with a USA based team comprised of experienced staff and as you need them, include team members with CPA’s, MBA’s, PhD’s, and PMP’s

So, focus your time on money on what you are in business to do and leave your business intelligence and systems operations to us. You will save money and avoid stress.

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