Most firms are just focused on implementations, we are different because also provide recruiting, software tools that speed both the Close + Implementations as well as managed services that range from a little bit of help during the Close to providing a complete integrated team of systems and financial staff.  It depends on your needs.

Most consulting firms are really implementation firms that dabble in managed services.  We are very different.  We are extremely focused on Managed Services / Help Desk / Out Sourced Support and recruiting because that matters most to your needs in the long run.

The reason for this is that we have discovered that the cost of maintaining & retaining a financial systems team is far too expensive for all but the biggest companies. Most staff assigned to this role already have a job as a financial professional and do not have the skills or interest to properly maintain financial systems, so they often become frustrated and quit.  That is why the turnover in this role is so high, as is the price to hire replacements.   

We fixed that cycle of disappointment and despair.    With Ayudatek Outsourcing services, we provide you with:

Reliable, Optimized, and Secure mission-critical systems support at a price point that is up to 40% lower than trying to hire and keep your own staff for this important work.  

We operate with a USA only team of Microsoft certified people and can even augment or provide a full accounting team if needed!  

We manage and simplify your existing infrastructure investments and provide a way forward for you to transform IT for your company, so you can focus on the business, not the software!

The other major difference we leverage are tools that speed the Close and implementation process. 

UniversalRecon is the everyday tool finance staff and managed service providers need to reconcile data & metadata as it moves between systems.  It provides the evidence that the reconciliation was done so you can be SOX compliant.  It also shortens any periodic close process by up to 25% by automating reconciliations.   UniversalRecon | Answer Factory (

AppScaffold cuts implementation costs by up to 37% by automating two of the more expensive parts of any implementation:  The metadata reconciliation and the reconciliation between legacy data and the new system you are implementing. This product is billed by the month, so you only pay for the time you need it!   AppScaffold | Answer Factory (

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