Managed Services from Ayudatek

Workiva is a great tool but you & your team can be even more productive and brilliant if we maintain it for you!

Hiring, training, and maintaining staff with hybrid techno / financial skills costs 40% more than if you just let us to the tedious systems work on your behalf.  On top of that – we are much better at it!

We do this work with a USA only, FINRA certified team.  Pricing starts at $3,500 per month, so you & your team can focus on analytics that drive margin and cut costs instead of janitorial systems maintenance. 

Service Tasks – Available as a service from Ayudatek.


  • ❖ Monitor Document health.
  • ❖ Provisioning / Security.
  • ❖ Linking data from Spreadsheets to Documents.
  • ❖ Data inventory – ID new sources, leverage feeder systems.
  • ❖ Monitor data usage limits.
  • ❖ Roll Forwards.
  • ❖ Refresh connections.
  • ❖ Adjust Parameters – months qtrs., weeks.
  • ❖ Create Tables. *
  • ❖ Create and Adjust Queries *
  • ❖ Create and maintain “Chains” / “runners” *


*(Available but depending on scope, maybe outside monthly fixed fee.)    

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