Free Workiva Best Practices and Optimization Assessment

At no charge to you, we will do an initial assessment to determine:

1. How much it costs in terms of time & money currently to conduct the current Close process, for main workstreams?

2. If there steps in place to ensure that reconciliations are as SOX optimized and automated as they could be to support cost reduction and best practices.

3. How much in terms of time does it take to maintain your Workiva investment each month?

4. If your team has the time, they need for analytics to drive margins and control costs?

5. If there any spreadsheet-based reporting process can be connected to Workiva to increase efficiency?

This process will take a few hours and we can do the work with staff you assign. At the end of the process, we will share with you, our findings.

We will provide a checklist so that best use of your team’s time can be achieved.

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