Frameworks / GHG Protocols / GRI / Automated GHG Calcs.


There are 100’s of frameworks and it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to use. To take away some of the anxiety, think of them as “Taxonomies” or structures or reporting standards that provide the ability to compare companies in an industry and provide credibility to your reporting.  Companies have been accused of “Greenwashing”, when they make false claims, so both choosing and carefully following frameworks that can be audited is important.

GHG Protocols / GRI

We provide the skilled experts and use globally recognized standards for frameworks. Your calculations need to be audit ready in case they are challenged, and you need to identify the methodologies you use so that your effort is both respected and validated.

Automated GHG calculations

The calculations associate with Green House Gas (GHG) and other ESG / Sustainability metrics can be a real challenge.  We have taken steps to automate those calculations based on simple to understand inputs that save time, money and help avoid errors.

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