It is not an exaggeration to say that the ESG / sustainability reporting audience is far larger and far more diverse and at least as consequential as the audience that reads your financial statements.

The ESG audience includes Customers, competitors, employees, regulatory & rating agencies, community leaders, media…and they are all harshly judging you through multiple lenses, that you must carefully support.

Your brand and professional reputation are very much under the microscope when it comes to ESG reporting. ESG reporting must be accurate, automated, customized by audience and as centralized as possible to control costs.

Ayudatek makes this possible by getting your data centralized so this workstream can be delivered properly.

We often deliver solutions at a fixed price that cost 40% less than if you tried to manage all that data & reporting yourself. We then feed elements of that workflow into you financial planning and analysis process so that you can track & model outcomes and goals as part of your FP&A process.

ESG reporting requires a great deal of collaboration and tremendous amounts of data from the far corners of your company. Ayudatek gets all that data to your ESG repository and if needed we can maintain that software for you as a service.

Instead of struggling with manual processes like spreadsheets and email-based reports we can integrate and manage all that information as a service into a single robust data repository that not only feeds your ESG process it provides consumable dashboard-based reporting, and capital planning models at the same time.

ESG is far too complex and important of a process to supported on spreadsheets or occasional data extracts from multiple systems. ESG / Sustainability reporting only works when the data is automated and centralized.

We have decades of experience creating financial systems and analytic applications for: CFO’s, human resources, investor relations, and operations teams. We apply that experience, and data integration capability to ESG reporting.

With Ayudatek you can get both the software tools and skills to make ESG work for you in a “Cost Neutral” model.  We deliver at a price you can afford, so you can focus on the reporting and analytics instead of janitorial copying and pasting of data.

ESG is new to most companies, so it is common that these teams are not often provisioned with the budget nor technical staff to support it properly.

The ESG workstream deserves its own trusted data repository because it is so public facing. The data needed to feed ESG reporting comes from: Operational, financial, human resources, regulatory, and external data sources.

Your ESG reporting is far more interesting than cold financial statements, and it is the “Voice + Face” of your company that the World sees. Your reputation and brand are expressed in your ESG reporting so it deserves care, and we are uniquely qualified to support that effort, because at its heart it starts with the data, and we are great at data integration, analytics, and reporting.

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