How we deliver Ayudatek InstantESG

We start with the defining the data sources and measures that matter to your ESG / Sustainability reporting goals.

We then pair and align it with your existing disclosure systems and connect it to your budgeting & planning systems. If your budgeting & planning systems need to be enhanced, we can help because we have decades of experience in budgeting, planning, analytics, business intelligence, and financial reporting.

We work hand & hand with you so that together we can dissect and map that data back to its source for integration, that feed Frameworks and reporting. For those instances where that data cannot be captured with Data Loads, we provide Data Forms which provide a controlled path of data input and audit trail.

We then move on to automate the calculations needed for ESG reporting by leveraging the data repository as well as input from advisory firms who provide computational advice. These are often:  Environmental engineering, legal, human resources, investor relations, financial, and marketing skill sets.

We then create automated reporting to match the reporting requirements to any of the many ESG Frameworks you are using as a guide as well as the required reporting formats for: Regulatory agencies, equity rating agencies, creditors, financial institutions, the public and your internal operations.

ESG reporting is not one dimensional, the ESG reporting process benefits and enhances other reporting and goal workstreams in the value chain. This reporting takes on many forms ranging from classic reporting that can then be integrated and consumed down the value chain by other systems to interactive dashboards that are placed on your company website. It all depends on your needs and budget.

The critical part of the ESG value chain we are best at:

Our InstantESG solution gets all the relevant data integrated from across the enterprise and placed into a: Centralized, controlled, trusted, and automatically updated cube-based reporting repository.

We then deliver curated & calculated data to all the stakeholders and required destinations in formats that match both their needs and ability to consume that data.

We leverage input from experts and software from trusted vendors to build an efficient solution that stands up to both the test of time and affordability.

The consumers of the data repository we create are numerous and varied. Examples are your: Public facing ESG report, regulatory agencies, rating agencies and internal stakeholders.

It is not an exaggeration that far more people will make decisions about your company and doing business with you based on your ESG / Sustainability reporting instead of your annual report. So, our part in the ESG value chain is crucial to how you are perceived and how you articulate that you should be trusted by: Customers, investors, the community, your employees, and regulatory agencies.

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