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We have over 30 consulting partners in the ERP, EPM, BI and database space.  

We do not charge fees to our partners because we think it’s wrong to pay for trusted friends. 


We believe that the client’s interest is what matters most and that they deserve the best possible resources to supply their needs.  


If you want to explore partner opportunities with Ayudatek contact:


North America East:

 609 750 8887


North America West: 

219 201 4616



UniversalRecon – Automates all reconciliations between applications, systems, databases, with no coding and a 4-day implementation.  Automates intercompany, FX, bank statements, HR, supply chain, inventory, and treasury reconciliations instantly. 


QuickApp – Cuts implementation and upgrade costs by up to 37% by automating the metadata build and the recon. between the old and new systems. 


Analytic Accelerator – Makes reporting from multiple systems easy with NO ETL and NO CODING.  It makes the common – and risky –  function of exporting data to spreadsheets then copying in other data obsolete.  Analytic Accelerator creates automated MDX code that can be re-used to keep costs down and speed the delivery of reporting to users.


SOX in a BOX – Renders manual and semi-automated software audits incomplete, dangerous and too expensive.   We automated this process from reporting down to the specific authorization documentation for moving systems changes into production. 



GTT makes what is amongst the strongest promise in software:  If we cannot cut the cost of a financial or operational workstream by 80% in 30 days or less, we charge no fees.


We include the Integration, blockchain, bots / RPA, workflow, calc. engine, workflow and AI all in the same code stack. 


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