Accounting and Business Intelligence as a Service

For most companies employing a full finance, accounting and analytics team is just not affordable.

We solved that problem so you can re-direct capital to actions that drive business growth VS back- office operations.

We apply a portion of specialized top skill sets to do what you cannot, but at a price you can afford!

Fortunately, technology has made it easy to leverage a portion of each specialized skillset needed to operate your workflow in harmony.

It is well known that specific specialized financial & accounting skills are often under-utilized. There just is not enough specialized work to do for that person, so their value gets wasted and they get applied to lower-level bookkeeping level tasks just to keep them busy.

That is a very inefficient use of staff, and not affordable anymore. Instead, we can apply skills as needed, and you only pay for what you use.

Teams in small and mid-sized wear, “Many Hats” the result is a very negative impact on excellence and cost controls. If staff were “Many Hats” they are often at best average at any job, which has its own cost and performance implications.

Average is not good enough in this competitive environment.

With our model, you can save as much as 40% in terms of headcount costs for every work stream we adopt.

1. We will help you get your Close process done and reporting numbers delivered 25% faster than you can currently because we utilize automation-based software products and best practices.
2. We can provide business intelligence & analytics as a service, including software & staff.
3. We operate with a USA based team comprised of experienced staff and as you need them, include team members with CPA’s, MBA’s, PhD’s, and PMP’s

So, focus your time on money on what you are in business to do and leave your finance, analytics, and systems operations to us. You will save money and avoid stress.

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